Do you need a Sworn Translation in Malaga?

If you are in Malaga and you need a Sworn Translation of any official document, we will take it on. At our Translation Agency located on Paseo Reding 43, belonging to the group of agencies CBLingua, we have a large team of sworn translators in all languages and authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, which guarantees the best Official Translation service for all types of legal and technical documents as well as web pages.

En nuestra Agencia de Traducción en Málaga le ofrecemos además un servicio de Traducción Jurada express para documentos breves, que garantiza su Traducción Jurada al instante. Para ello contamos con los mejores traductores especializados.

At our Translation Agency in Malaga we also offer an urgent Sworn Translation service for short documents in English, French and Italian, which guarantees the Sworn Translation right away. We have the best specialised translators.

Before taking on a translation we always ensure that it will be carried out by a Sworn Translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will guarantee the full legal validity of the translation.”

How to request a Sworn Translation in Malaga

  • First step
    Send us a scanned copy of the document by email to or to You can also request your quote online, or if you prefer, you can bring the physical copy of your document to our Translation Agency in Malaga. In order to request a Sworn Translation service, the original documents are not required provided that the quality of the scanned document is such that we can read it.
  • Second Step
    Once you have accepted the quote we have sent you and the corresponding payment receipt has been received by email, our Sworn Translator will begin working on the Sworn Translation of the document. In Malaga it’s not possible to make a payment in cash. Visit our Payment and Delivery Options section for more information.
  • Third Step
    Finally, let us know the postage method you prefer. Once selected, we will send your Sworn Translation to the address provided or we will advise you so that you may collect your translation in person at our office in Malaga if requested. Visit our Payment and Delivery Options section for more information.

Why are we the best Translation Agency in Malaga?

  • Profesionalidad
    Our professionalism throughout our business career makes CBLingua Madrid a benchmark in the Sworn Translation sector.
  • Precio
    Our prices are the most competitive on the market. We invite you to compare them with any other Translation Agency in Malaga or at national level.
  • Rapidez
    When we agree to take on a translation service we promise to deliver quality work within an agreed timeframe. We will never agree upon a date with you and then fail to meet it.