About us

Thanks to an impeccable translation team, CBLingua has managed to reach the position of leading agency in Sworn and technical translation on national level. With a professional trajectory of over ten years, CBLingua is an indisputable leading company in both the general and specialised translation sector. Currently we possess a large portfolio of clients made up of over 200 businesses with a positive growth outlook, as reflected by our ascending business path in the specialised translation sector. Every day a plethora of private customers place their trust in what is undoubtably the benchmark company in the translation sector on a national level: CBLingua.

“Veinte años no son nada “, decía el tango. A por los siguientes veinte

Our Team


Carolina Balsa Cirrito

Manager - Director

Graduate in Translation and interpretation from the University of Granada, she started her professional trajectory more than 15 years ago. Her professional perseverance and hard work has placed CBLingua as one of the first Translation companies on the national scene. Carolina leads and manages the company with a high degree of professionalism, commitment and cooperation, personally coordinating every project to guarantee that each department in the company runs well.

Carolina, as manager and director of CBLingua has succeeded in drawing a business policy based on quality and personal attention. The secret of success lies in her expertise and in the team in which she manages, where professionalism, a high degree of commitment and efficiency are of the highest priorities within a company  of reference to many professionals within translation.


Project Manager


Director of the Translation Department


Specialised translator of English

Ana A.

Internship Co-ordinator / English Department


German Sworn Translator

Ana C.

Specialised translator of German



Specialised translator of English / International


German Sworn Translator


Specialised translator of German


Specialised translator of German