The service of simultaneous interpretation is carried out in real time. The interpreter transmits the same message as the person speaking, but in another language. The interpretation is also parallel. The interpreter must talk over the speaker with the aim of not omitting essential information or losing the principal theme.

service of simultaneous interpretation

When are services of Simultaneous Interpretation usually carried out?

In general, this type of service is required at any formal occasion. Big conferences or meetings, multilingual events or any occasion in which a group of people from various countries meet.

Characteristics of Simultaneous Interpretation

The immediacy and use of technical equipment are some of the most relevant. To be able to develop these types of translations, special equipment is necessary, such as soundproof booths for two translators. They work in turns, since it is not recommended to interpret for more than thirty or forty minutes with microphones and headphones.

The interpreter pays more attention to the voice of the speaker, than the use of memory. It is the only point of reference with which it works so that the interpreter reproduces the idea that is desired to the public.

The Interpreter

First of all, there must be a job of preparing the theme that is going to be dealt with. It is necessary for the interpreter to know the theme of the conference. Moreover, they must be able to manage specific vocabulary in the event that something unforeseen arises. By working in pairs, one of the two interpreters can help their colleague by noting down names, streets or searching for terms.

A Translation Agency like CBLingua meets the necessary requirements to offer a complete service of maximum quality to our clients, thanks to a consolidated team of interpreters specialized in services of simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation.

Which Interpretation Service should I request?

  • Simultaneous Interpretation – in this interpretation service, the interpreter talks at the same time as the speaker. This interpretation service is normally used for Congress and conferences.
  • Consecutive Interpretation – in this interpretation the interpreter talks minutes after the speaker. This type of interpretation is used for short acts such as opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Chuchotage – Also known as ´whispered interpretation´, the interpreter is seated beside the speakers and translates for them what is being said. It is used for a person or reduced groups.
  • Bilateral or ´Linked´ Interpretation – it is a very effective service when dealing with meetings in which various languages are involved. The interpreter acts as the link and repeats the message in various directions.


Thanks to our network of interpreters, we can offer you a simultaneous or bilateral interpretation service in a great number of Spanish cities. Choose the city where the interpretation service will be carried out:

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